List of Community Events

Ten $15 Tickets to JASO Beer Garden Available

JETAA Portland has ten subsidized tickets to the JASO Beer Garden available. Tickets are first-come, first-served. Your name will be added to a list given to JASO after purchase. Your name is all you will need to provide for entry.

JASO Beer Garden: Volunteers Needed!

Needed: 2 helpers for the JASO Beer Garden Date: Thursday, July 12th, 2018 Time: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm Location: Eco Trust Building in the Pearl District Benefits: $15/hr. plus free entry to the JASO Beer Garden Workers will be expected to assist with the event doing set-up, clean-up and helping to pour beer, bus tables […]

PSSCA’s Sapporo Night

The Portland Sapporo Sister City Association is hosting a Sapporo Night and the Portland Japanese Gardens. Join them on Saturday, July 14th at 5PM.

Kabuki on Stage: A Solo Performance – July 29th & 30th

Kabuki on Stage: A Solo Performance brings Kabuki star Nakamura Umemaru from Tokyo to the Portland Japanese Garden for only two nights to perform Tenaraiko, one of the most beloved dances in the Kabuki repertoire, courtesy of Shochiku Co. Ltd. in Japan. Each night’s performance begins with young Umemaru arriving on stage without full make-up and […]


The Portland Chapter of JETAA (The JET Program Alumni Association) was created to serve the bonds of friendship developed by the program participants. JETAA’s purpose is to achieve, through its activities, a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the other countries participating in the program.