Thank You to Bento Workshop Participants

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our 3rd Annual Bento Workshop!

Amanda Oumiya, of K&L Bentos, did an amazing presentation showing us how to add Valentine’s Day flair to our bentos, including how to naturally dye rice, incorporate heart designs, and how to make our own cute heart bento picks.

Amanda’s Finished Bento from the Workshop

If you could not make it and / or had to miss it, follow Amanda (@KLBENTOS) On Instagram or Facebook to learn more about bentos, Japanese food, and check out her cooking classes. Or visit her Etsy Shop to buy great bento-making tools. And of course you can follow us and our co-organizer JETAABC on Facebook or Instagram for future bento-related events!

For those who did make it, please check your emails for a link to the infographics graciously created by Amanda (K&L Bentos). And please do not forget to fill out our feedback form ( so we can continue to host more bento workshops and make them even better!

We look forward to seeing you at our future events!

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