National Japan Bowl Event Volunteers Needed (4/8 and 4/9)

What is a Japan Bowl, you ask?

The National Japan Bowl is a yearly competition where teams of High School students from across the country who are studying Japanese put their knowledge of Japanese culture and history to the test in a serious of fast-paced trivia quizzes.

This year, because of the Pandemic, the Japan Bowl has gone online, and they are in need of lots of volunteers to monitor the virtual rooms of students as they complete their trivia quizzes.

JASO (The Japan Society of Oregon) helps every year to recruit and assist student teams in our region and they are asking for help with finding volunteers.

Please see the description below for more details and a full description of the volunteer role:

This year, on Thursday April 8 and Friday April 9 around 60 teams of High School students who study Japanese language meet online to battle to win the National Japan Bowl.

JASO has recruited and is assisting around 20 of those teams, who all come from our region of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. We want them to be successful!

We are looking to help more by providing volunteers to help the national competition run smoothly.

ANYONE can volunteer. Please help our students by giving a few hours of your day, and have a lot of fun in the process!

  • No Japanese required! (Although knowing some Japanese language and culture will make the volunteer experience more enjoyable!)
  • We are looking volunteers who are comfortable with PowerPoint and sharing their screen on a video call.
  • Volunteers will also be gifted with the Japan Bowl goodie bag, which includes the official Japan Bowl t-shirt and other items!

Tentative time slots for volunteering would be as follows:

April 8, Thursday: 9-11:30, 11-1:30, 12:30-3pm (Pacific Standard Time)

April 9, Friday: 8:45-11:15, 10:30-1pm, 12-2:30pm (Pacific Standard Time)

Register here:

Role Description: Room Monitor

Volunteers will be tasked to monitor a Hopin room during the competition. The duties are conducted entirely in English and there will be no need to read questions, judge, or clarify any discrepancies in answer sheets. We will be asking the volunteers to share pre-recorded questions and facilitate the preliminary round in a breakout room of up to three students. Volunteers will act as their direct contact to the rest of the team, answering any questions they have and reporting technical difficulties or cheating to the team as these incidences occur. We will also be asking volunteers to record during the round so that we have a record of the competition to share with students and can review the footage for any cheating that may have taken place.

For questions and inquiries regarding the National Japan Bowl, please contact the Direction of the Japan Bowl, Nancy Marsden, at

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