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ESL Tutors needed for Japanese speakers on Skype

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My name is Scarlett and I live in Wilmington, NC. I own a small business that is growing quite rapidly called Hello I give English conversation classes to people in Japan on Skype. Currently, I have around 230 students. I have about 15 current tutors but it is not near enough. I have over 700 classes that are prepaid.

I am in need of teachers or tutors who would like to earn extra money. One of my teachers has just been accepted into the JET program. He found it invaluable to work here in a small way to prepare for what was coming in Japan. I also think that this might be very helpful for Jet Alumni’s re-acclimating themselves to America. Or like me, an older woman who looks back affectionately on my time in Japan and see my conversations as a way to re-connect with the culture I know and appreciate so well.

This job pays $12 per 55 minute class completed paid through Paypal weekly. The tutors make their own schedule of when they would like to give classes. The job is located on Skype ~ a free computer application.

Here is more information about the position:

(Particularly looking for people that have come through the JET Program.)

Thank you for your time,

Scarlett Orork
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