JETAA Pre-Departure Orientation Resources

By President

Hello new JETs!

Thanks for coming to the JETAA Portland 2016 Pre-Departure Orientation. As promised, here is a list of resources we recommend. Read them over to gain helpful knowledge as you transition to your new life on JET. Really, read as much as you can. It will only help you.

On to the resources:

Essential Japanese Office Phrases

Japanese Romaji Translation
おはようございます ohayou gozaimasu Good morning
こんにちは konnichiwa Hello/Good afternoon
おさきにしつれいします osaki ni shitsureishimasu I’m leaving before you (a polite phrase to say when you leave work)
おつかれさまでした otsukaresama deshita Thank you for all your hard work (a polite thing to say when your coworkers leave)
よろしくおねがいします yoroshiku oneigaishimasu Nice to meet you
ありがとうございます arigatou gozaimasu Thank you very much

Articles and Resources You Should Read

  • AJET (Association for JET)
    • An organization of JET mentors who want to help you on the JET Program. Connect online for teaching and life resources. Call AJET Peer Support Group for advice and counseling: 050-5534-5566 or AJETPSG on Skype.
  • Tofugu JET Program Guide
    • Japanese language and culture blog that has a series called “The Tofugu JET Program Guide,” written explicitly to help JETs succeed. Check out the article JET Program Survival Resources.
  • Japan Intercultural
    • Consulting firm founded by Rochelle Kopp, writer of The Rice Paper Ceiling. She has been advising foreigners on working in Japan / with Japanese people for over 20 years. Pretty much everything she has to say is solid gold.
  • Omiyage Tips
    • Great guide for when to buy omiyage and what buy when the time comes. Remember, omiyage may be an obligation, but it’s an obligation the makes your relationships and life in Japan better.

Team Teaching Resources

Ministry of Education

External Writings

Elementary “Foreign Language Activities”

Junior & Senior High School English

  • Note: You might want to hunt down the website for the textbook that your school uses, but there is less confusion because the textbook will be in English and the JTE will be (generally) proficient.
  • Make-your- own Handwriting Worksheets

Other Links

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The Portland Chapter of JETAA (The JET Program Alumni Association) was created to serve the bonds of friendship developed by the program participants. JETAA’s purpose is to achieve, through its activities, a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the other countries participating in the program.