JETAA Portland Newsletter – August 2009

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The JETAA Portland Newsletter is back again with another content-packed issue!

Download the latest version (in PDF-format):   JETAA Portland Newsletter – August 2009

Here’s a sampling of what’s inside:

Iron Chef, 7th Annual – Winners, rundown, and pictures galore, Bob Schnyder
Editor’s Note – Even more content? How can it be?!, Daniel Mick
Letter from the Kaichou – JETAA Portland continues to expand, Kimberly Miyake

News from the Consulate – Vice Consul Watanabe answers some hard-hitting questions from Daniel Mick

Casting the Net – Exclusive interview by Daniel Mick with Bamboo Sushi owner Kristofor Lofgren about sustainability and the future of sushi

Predeparture Orientation 2009 – Todd VanHorne gathers new JET’s thoughts and impressions PLUS a Japan distribution map

Sayonara BBQ 2009 – New JETs, their families, and alumni enjoy an afternoon in the park, Todd VanHorne

Book Club Review – Lynette Yasuda reviews Mistress Oriku: Stories from a Tokyo Teahouse

Letter to the Editor – More unagi details from a reader in Japan

PSSCA Tree Planting – A recap of JETAA Portland volunteers at the Japanese Garden, Todd VanHorne

What the bunka?! – Our column exploring Japanese culture in detail features the mischevious tanuki!, Daniel Mick

Oregon Buddhist Temple – Interview with Reverend Gregory Gibbs about US integration, and how to get involved, Daniel Mick

Miso Magic Review – Amanda Gray recaps a group’s cooking lesson
Tabemashou! – Inagural meeting rates SE Portland’s Biwa Izakaya; look for theakachouchin, Daniel Mick
Dear Abiko – Dear Abby’s long lost Japanese twin answers the deepest mysterious of Japan… (Bob Schnyder)
Iron Chef Recipes – Recipes for the winning Main Course, Side Dish, and Dessert entries
Mogo Mogo – The introductory column of Mogo Mogo exploring Japanese onomatopoeia/phenomime/pyschomime, Daniel Mick

Upcoming Events – Iron Chef, J-Kaiwa, Book Club, Tabemashou!, Returnee Party, Oh my!

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The Portland Chapter of JETAA (The JET Program Alumni Association) was created to serve the bonds of friendship developed by the program participants. JETAA’s purpose is to achieve, through its activities, a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the other countries participating in the program.