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JETAA Officer Elections – Vote Online

Hear ye, hear ye! The online voting polls are now open! Polls are open from March 16th to March 31st. The officer platforms are listed below and the online voting is ready for you to cast your vote for this year’s JETAA officers.

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Review the platforms for the candidates running for officer positions (scroll down to see below).

2) Vote for the candidate of your choosing. Here is the link to quickly vote online (Important: Make sure to enter your e-mail address, or your vote will not count): Vote Now!  –  JETAA Portland Officer Elections

*** We encourage you to take 5 minutes for the future direction of our chapter. ***

Questions? Need more information? If you have any questions or would like more information regarding officer/committee head positions, or if you are interested in learning about any of the positions, check out our JETAA Elections page for previous platforms, bylaws, and a list of positions.

Candidates for President:

Kimberly Miyake

This past year I served as the JETAA Portland President and I’m hoping to continue in that capacity. As previous JETAA Portland President, Vice President and Treasurer, I have had the opportunity to organize and participate in many events. My goal this year is to continue to get more chapter members involved. 

It was great to see so many people involved this year and we were even able to start up an active sub-chapter in Eugene. We’ve worked really hard to publicize our events and activities through our emails, website and social networking accounts and it seems to be paying off. I’m looking forward to keeping things going.

JETAA Portland has one of the most active JETAA chapters in the world and I’m excited to continue this tradition. I look forward to continuing to serve JETAA Portland.

Thank you and yoroshiku!

Kim Miyake

Vote Now!  –  JETAA Portland Officer Elections

Candidates for Vice-President:

Todd Van Horne

I’ve been very happy to be part of the team that has brought a high level of member communication and transparency to JETAA this year, and I’m excited about what the next year has to bring too. This year we sent out regular, easy to understand emails, and kept the website updated, increasing member knowledge about our activities. We added some great activities, and in the 2010 year we will continue by focusing on the most popular ones, and the ones that serve our members the most. 

Personally, I am looking forward to continuing our professional networking meetings in the hopes that they offer a new avenue for JETAA to serve its members.

Thanks for your vote!

Todd Van Horne

Vote Now!  –  JETAA Portland Officer Elections

Candidates for Treasurer:

Beth Schnyder

My name is Beth Schnyder and I was an ALT in Nagasaki-ken. I have enjoyed being an active member of JETAA, assisting the Consulate General of Japan in Portland and being a part of the Japanese community in Portland. 

This past year our chapter accomplished an incredible goal by hosting the first technology regional conference. It was amazing to be a part of this wonderful event. I am confident that with your support, I will remain an active participant in our chapter’s continued growth.

I am looking forward to serving the chapter as treasurer again and welcome the challenge of assisting the JETAA Portland chapter with our new budgeting system. My goals as treasurer are to manage our finances in a way that supports the Japanese Consulate and furthers our mission as JETAA Portland. I feel that my active support will be beneficial in making this a great year for JETAA Portland.

Beth Schnyder

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Candidates for Secretary:

Veronica White

Hello! My name is Veronica White and I was an ALT in Hyogo Prefecture from 2007 – 2009. I am a recent JET returnee, and I have enjoyed becoming involved with JETAA Portland since my return to the States. In addition to attending various JETAA events and meeting fellow Alums, I also had the opportunity to volunteer at the JETAA Regional Technology Conference in January. 

For the past two months I have been serving as Secretary for JETAA Portland. I have enjoyed this position very much and hope to continue to serve as Secretary in the coming year. My goals as Secretary are to provide useful information about JETAA events and meetings to our chapter members and the Japanese Consulate, as well as to assist with the planning of future JETAA Portland events.

Thank you and yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Veronica White

Vote Now!  –  JETAA Portland Officer Elections

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The Portland Chapter of JETAA (The JET Program Alumni Association) was created to serve the bonds of friendship developed by the program participants. JETAA’s purpose is to achieve, through its activities, a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the other countries participating in the program.