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Reserve Your Spot for Edgefield Golf Sunday, August 15th!
JETAA’s 5th Annual golf outing at McMenamins Edgefield is coming soon! It has always been a lot of fun for everyone, even those who don’t usually golf. Again this year JETAA members and friends will compete for the coveted SUGOI“green jacket” (see story below). The date is set for Saturday, August 15th at 5pm. This is a joint event with J-Kaiwa and everyone is welcome, so RSVP early since we have only 20 spots. Even if golf is not your game, everyone is meeting for dinner afterwards so join us for the fun at McMenamins Edefield!

Join us August 15th.  RSVP to

JETAA Portland’s Annual Masters Golf Tournament
When: Saturday, August 15, meet at 4:30 pm. Start times are from about 4:45 pm.
Where: At McMenamins Edgefield’s Pub Course in Troutdale (
Cost: $15  for 20-holes.  JETAA Portland is covering the rest of the fees (dinner afterwards is betsu-bestu). Non-JETAA J-Kaiwa and Friends of JETAA are absolutely invited, and the fee is only $18 for 20-holes.


Bring: Your golf clubs or $4. You really only need a wedge and a putter. If you don’t have clubs, the course can rent them to you for $4 (set of two clubs-wedge and putter). Plan on losing & finding a few golf balls in the tall grass.

What if I am not so good at golf?
The Masters Golf Tournament is a “best ball tournament” played in teams of 4, so this is for golfers of all levels. We need experienced players and rookies! All 4 players tee off, and then you go hit from the best spot. So it is a team concept. The course is a simple par 3 and we are playing only 9 holes. However, if people prefer to play 20 holes then we’ll play what most prefer.  There are several convenient stops along the way where you can get a cider, beer, or other wonderful McMenamins beverage. Even if you hate golf, you can join the “peanut gallery” and have dinner afterwords.

To The Winner…
Everyone will be competing for the coveted “SUGOI Green Jacket” that has mysteriously made its way to Portland. This is now a Masters tradition. Read the history of the SUGOI Green Jacket below.

Join Us for Dinner
After golf, we will all meet afterwords for lunch & kampai at the Powerstation Pub, approximately 6:30pm. The official Green Jacket ceremony will take place at 7pm. If you are joining only the dinner, and are trying to find us on the expansive Edgefield property, you can call JETAA Sports Chair Britt Sexton at 503.750.9245.

Reserve Your Spot
Spaces are limited to the first 20 people. RSVP to reserve your spot or if you have any questions:

Below is the history of how the SUGOI Green Jacket Came to JETAA Portland:

It is with great honor that JETAA Portland chapter has acquired the prestigious traveling green jacket to be bestowed up the winner on our annual JETAA Masters Golf Tournament at McMenemins Edgefield. The following profiles the extensive travels of this garment from inception to it’s current destination at the humidity-controlled chamber in JETAA Portland’s Britt Sexton’s water-heater closet.

In 1962 the Sugiyama United Golf Invitational (S.U.G.O.I.) commissioned the production of “the Green Jacket for the winner of their new annual golf tournament. The adventure begins. The work was performed by the friend of the daughter of the most exclusive tailor shop in Saitama, well-known for their work on the mawashii of Sumo wresters.

The jacket was cut from the finest green-and-white checkered polyester available at the time, and hand-stitched to the size of the likely winners. Inspector #5 closely checked the garment for flaws, but accidentally dropped cigarette ash on the right sleeve, burning into the polyester. The sleeve was replaced, and the garment delivered by Kuro Neko to the SUGOI in time for the tournament.

1962: Mr. Takeo Yamauchi wins the inaugural tournament. Mr. Yamauchi, a retired salaryman and longtime club member, was well-known for his excessive drinking, which often led to him forgetting his own name. This led to embarrassing moments introducing himself as Mr. Uchiyama.

1965: Mr. Akio Takeda wins the jacket, and proudly wears it everyday to his favorite coffee shop. The coffee stain on the left sleeve is from his reign.

1982: The first foreigner wins the Jacket. Walter J. Smokenkleen wins the coveted prize after 13 years as club member.
Smokenkleen, a writer of English for all of the big stationary and t-shirt companies, was widely regarded for his work on such phrases as “We play yacht in the wide nature.” (shopping bags), and “Let there be estimated percentages for everyone!”” (stationary).WJ was also a controversial figure. The appearance of T-Shirts with “Donald Duck can perhaps be described as a parody of a human being” led to rioting on Japanese college campuses and forced the Prime Minister to cancel a state visit.

As Walter accepted the green jacket, he announced his retirement and impending move back to the US. When asked for the reason of the sudden announcement, he responded, “For beautiful human life.”
Due to the extremely-high land prices, the Sugiyama golf club announces it is selling out to a larger developer, ending the annual tournament. Walter would get to keep the jacket.

2004: Clarence Smokenkleen, grandson of the master, now living in Troutdale, OR donates the jacket to JETAA for a tax-nondeductible donation of $2.49.

2005: 10 groups competed furiously for the championship, finally won by John Thomas, Britt Sexton, & Mark Jones.

2006: Tournament took hiatus due to course scheduling issues.

2007: Tournament Won by the team of Stephanie Coombs, Mark Wadniziak and Jarod Bishop.

2008: Tournament won by the team of Britt Sexton and his ringer teammates (hand-selected from around the world) to reclaim the coveted SUGOI Green Jacket. The SUGOI Green Jacket has now come full circle and rests comfortably back in its cozy spot in Britt Sexton’s water-heater closet.

Who will win it this year? Join us August 15th.  RSVP to

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The Portland Chapter of JETAA (The JET Program Alumni Association) was created to serve the bonds of friendship developed by the program participants. JETAA’s purpose is to achieve, through its activities, a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the other countries participating in the program.