Cultural Events

Temari Workshops

Hosted by Lindsay Amor (Aomori, '08-13, JETAA PDX Member).  Beginner class covers basic stitches and skills.  Ball Wrapping starts with basic materials and construction.  Intermediate level uses the ball from the Wrapping class and covers measurements, guidelines, and an intermediate pattern.

Time of year: variable

Beginner Level ($15)

Temari is an old tradition, but it's hardly outdated: these thread-covered balls make lovely gifts and holiday decorations! We'll give you a kit of everything* you need to do a "kiku" (chrysanthemum) pattern in two colors of your choice, with live instruction via Zoom. No experience or preparation is necessary. Kits will be mailed at least a week in advance.  
*Not quite everything: bring your own scissors!

Please do not RSVP if you can't attend the workshop, it will not be recorded.
Cost includes kit and shipping.


Ikebana Workshop

Introducing the masterful Nana Goto-Bellerud. Nana has been studying at the Sogetsu School of ikebana since 2005. She has held exhibitions and demonstrations of ikebana at the Portland Art Museum, the Portland Japanese Garden, and Leach Botanical Garden. Through her demonstrations and workshops, she seeks to introduce others to the art of ikebana and to inspire more to study the art. Check out some of Nana's amazing work on instagram @nana_bellerud

Time of year: variable

Class of June 26th, 2021
Class of June 26th, 2021

Bento Workshop

Have you ever seen beautiful Japanese bentos and wished you could learn how to make them yourself? Join us for our yearly Bento workshop, lead by talented JET Alumn Amanda Oumiya. Visit her Instagram here for bento tips and ideas year round, or check out her shop on Etsy to get fun bento supplies.

Time of year: variable


Furoshiki Gift Wrapping Event

Join us for a virtual eco-friendly gift wrapping event. Finally learn how to use those furoshiki you bought from Japan, or dig out that fabric you bought last year and never used to wrap gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

When: early December