Resume Workshop

Guest Brent Logan spent part of 2020 looking for a new job, and with his history as a manager who has hired staff members before, he knows a thing or two about getting a résumé put together. Brent will be discussing how to work around automated systems and how to show employers the full picture and depth of your work experiences. To do so, he will review pre-submitted resumes and take passages from them anonymously as examples so you can see how to take your own resume to the next level and start landing interviews.

If you are interested in submitting your own resume for him to review, please upload it on our Google form here. All passages will be taken anonymously, so no one else will see your full resume or know that the passage came from your resume.

Join us on Zoom, December 1st at 7pm PST:

Meeting ID: 996 9885 9490

Passcode: Network

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